Empowering children to be leaders of change

The MaNaBu Movement is empowering children and youth to reach their full potential and become advocates for a kinder, more inclusive, and sustainable future.

MaNaBu Movement believes that young people should be treated as equals, listened to, and talked with as opposed to talked to. They are born to live their ideas, be valued, and be heard.

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Growing Empowered

Empowered children take the world into their hands, live their dreams and beliefs, and accomplish ideas that help propel our humanity.

The MaNaBu Movement (MNBM) was started by children, is growing with children, and keeps glowing through children. Children are the core of the MNBM Foundation, anytime, anywhere.

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Who are Ma, Na and Bu?

Ma, Na & Bu are kind-hearted animated ambassadors for a good cause and fun storytellers to which children can easily relate.

The MaNaBu Movement leverages the undeniable allure of storytelling and digital media, creating edutainment programs that inspire children to discover their strengths and understand global challenges. Through our community-based programs, we encourage collaboration and foster a community of learning and positive social change.

A highly compassionate one with a nature soul that takes all problems to heart. They aren't much into sports but love to run in panic.

A very intellectual geek that loves to help those in need as much as they love to win Nobel prizes. Logic is their third best friend, right after MA and BU.

A good and clumsy giant whose diet consists of objects they accidentally eat. BU hasn't broken any records in their lifetime, but they break a chair every time they sit.

MaNaBu Movements

MaNaBu Movements are community-based, small-scale actions where children can immediately see the positive impact of their efforts.

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Upcoming movements

Virtual Assistance Program in Albania

Empowering youth with modern IT skills to create remote work opportunities
Started in March 2023

Safe Nature Time for ALL Ages

Waste dumping, maintenance and nature experience
Throughout 2023/2024

Saving a Planet is a Team Sport

Collaborating with sports stars to preserve our diversity
September 2022 – September 2023
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One in a million

The MANABU Ambassadors of Change is a Global grass-roots network of teens and young adults who create positive change in their communities by facilitating call-to-action campaigns or "movements" to teach their peers and children about the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Request for Proposals

February 21, 2024
The objective of the proposal is to hire a company for EOR service (Employer of Record) to hire two experts (Project Manager and Project Assistant) who will work on a 6-month long Youth Virtual Assistant Program in Kosovo (online and on-site) on be

Lights, Camera, Empowerment: The FMP Youth Program Takes Off in Bansko

January 29, 2024
Bansko has just witnessed the launch of the Film Mentoring Project (FMP) Youth Program, a creative venture that brought together young minds with the ambition to master the art of film.


January 27, 2024
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Want to start working remotely? Join the Youth Virtual Assistant Program in Kosovo and unlock a world of opportunities! ?
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