Our story

MaNaBu Movement is a 501 (c)(3) USA non-profit organization empowering children and providing accessible opportunities for every child to reach their full potential through play, practical skills, education, and life experiences outside the classroom. We aim to help children build a world where kindness, sustainability, and universal prosperity are the underlying foundation upon which this world is constructed.

Children share a natural, bright-burning curiosity that can become dimmed or even lost as they enter the adult world. MaNaBu aims to nourish young minds with food for thought and nurture this curiosity into an eternal flame.

We achieve this by providing children with practical problem-solving skills with real-world applications, teaching the importance of empathy and human understanding, and generating an environment where collaboration, co-creation, and a sense of community are the keys to success.

The future brings many global challenges, and our hope is to raise mentally strong children who will be empowered to face them. To kindly reinforce important morals, ideas, and human values while entertaining and engaging children.

our story

Our vision

Empowered children take the world into their own hands. They live their dreams and beliefs and accomplish ideas that positively impact our society.

Our goal is to entertain and educate, but even more so is the desire to bring that MANABU DNA of learning and change to every child. To boost collaboration and curiosity while raising caring children who realize their potential, no matter how small, to make a difference.

The MaNaBu Movement projects make children grow, glow, and collaborate. We boost their confidence, communication, problem-solving skills, and understanding of the importance of circularity, gratefulness, humility, and empathy.

The MaNaBu Movement was started by children, is growing with children, and keeps glowing through children.

MaNaBu reach to the Global Audience

Partnering with artists, sports stars, influencers, thinkers, educators, global non-profits, and businesses enables us to achieve our mission and build a kinder and more sustainable world for everyone.

MaNaBu Movements

Community-based actions invite children, families, and educators to unite, collaborate, and positively impact their community and planet.

MaNaBu Movement provides an alternative educational experience where the highest deference is paid to the way children want to learn – through means that are fun, engaging, and above all, encourage children to explore the skills and things they enjoy the most. It promotes a culture of collaboration, communication, and understanding among young people.

While driving curiosity in children, MaNaBu also helps parents promptly explain current events, allowing both children and parents to become ambassadors and educators regarding real-world issues. MaNaBu Movements are based on local, small-scale actions where children can immediately see the positive impact of their efforts.

Advisory circle

Andreas Wil Gerdes

Andreas Wil Gerdes

Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of ORANGE PLC, KAIROS mentor, dedicated to empowering lives for over 25 years
John Heinsen

John Heinsen

Producer, Transmedia Producer, Showrunner for Academy Awards, and former Vice President of the Producers Guild of America (PGA)
Marc Buckley

Marc Buckley

Resilient Futurist, Member of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum for Innovation, Climate Change, Agriculture, Food, and Beverages,Global Food Reformist, and Sustainable Futurist, with passions for social innovation, systems thinking, and dynamic modeling to solve our global grand challenges
Sten-Kristian Saluveer

Sten-Kristian Saluveer

Academy Award nominated, audiovisual media innovation and policy strategist, audiovisual producer, entrepreneur
Guido Van Nispen

Guido Van Nispen

Founder and principal of the management company for governance, strategy and venturing, Advisor to the Dutch Council for Culture, and former Fund Manager of the Dutch Creative Industry Fund

Young Ambassadors


Germany / Malta
‘I care about the planet and the planet’s pains. I want to understand it. I mean we trash it. I would love if we would be more kind to the planet, anytime, anywhere.’


A creative soul, very empathetic, sensitive to the destruction of nature and inequality. Always curious and looking for answers, working on creating things that can help people lead better lives.


Southern California
I'd say the most important environmental issue is the role industrialization plays in our air quality. How can we call it "progress" when in the end we are poisoning ourselves and our planet?

Empowerment Hubs

MaNaBu Movement will collaborate with the Ministry of Empowerment, 2 BILLION KIDS PROJECT and partners to help create more places around the world where Alpha Generation children can learn, grow, exchange ideas, and work on their visions through accomplishments with positive impact.

Our Impact

Nobody is too young or too small to start a change in the world.

MaNaBu's first Movement was started by Maya, who, amid the pandemic, invited her peers and neighbors to clean up her favorite park in Croatia from cigarette butts. This wholehearted idea of a 7-year-old girl was followed by local TV and news. Although it seemed rather peculiar to see children cleaning, her honest efforts incentivized more than 22 local actions run by amazing families and children who joined our MaNaBu Movements throughout 2021 to clean up parks, gardens, schoolyards, beaches, and rivers.

The MaNaBu Movement demonstrates the ways in which children's actions can contribute to a circular economy and society. It highlights the value of being active and engaged with the local community and shows the positive and tangible outcomes that can be brought about through simple physical action, regardless of age or ability level.

A child picking up cigarette butts in a local park today could grow into an adult who drives real change in environmental policy and outcomes at a local, national or international level. Empowering children to become powerful agents of change and achieve their limitless potential forms the most profound foundation of our mission.