Our story

MaNaBu Movement is a 501 (c)(3) USA non-profit organization empowering children and youth and providing accessible opportunities for every young individual to reach their full potential through practical skills, community, collaboration, and life experiences outside the classroom. We aim to help youth build a world where collaboration, sustainability, and universal prosperity are the underlying foundation upon which this world is constructed.

Young people share a natural, bright-burning curiosity that can become dimmed or even lost as they enter the adult world. MaNaBu aims to nourish young minds with food for thought and nurture this curiosity into an eternal flame.

We achieve this by providing them with practical problem-solving skills with real-world applications, teaching the importance of empathy and human understanding, and generating an environment where collaboration, co-creation, and a sense of community are the keys to success.

The future will bring many new challenges, and our hope is to raise mentally strong young individuals who will be empowered to tackle them head on without bias but utilizing logic and empathy.

our story

Our vision

Empowered youth take the world into their hands, live their dreams and beliefs, and accomplish ideas that help propel our humanity.

The MaNaBu Movement projects make youth grow, glow, and collaborate. We boost their confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills, and understanding of the importance of circularity, gratefulness, humility, and empathy.

Our goal is to entertain and educate, but even more so is the desire to bring that MANABU DNA of learning and change to every young individual. To boost collaboration and curiosity while raising caring human beings who realize their potential, no matter how small, to make a difference.

MaNaBu reach to the Global Audience

By collaborating with a diverse group of thought leaders, educators, non-profits, and businesses, artists, and athletes, we're on a mission to create a kinder, more sustainable future for all.

MaNaBu Movements

Community-based actions empower children, families, and educators to unite, collaborate, and make a positive impact today.

MaNaBu Movement provides an alternative educational experience where the highest deference is paid to the way children want to learn – through means that are fun, engaging, and above all, encourage children to explore the skills and things they enjoy the most. It promotes a culture of collaboration, communication, and understanding among young people.


Tihana Pavic Smitran

Tihana is an entrepreneur, creative producer, and visionary leader devoted to sustainable development, creative tech, and global projects empowering children and youth worldwide.

Her unique blend of creativity and business acumen has allowed her to build successful ventures and focus on transitioning towards a regenerative economy to create businesses and projects that deliver value to people and the planet alongside profit.

Her formative years were shaped by the harsh realities of a 5-year-long homeland war, during which children were left to fend for themselves. As a pianist and young athlete, she personally discovered the significance of grit and persistence in achieving success despite challenging circumstances.

This early lesson became the foundation for her commitment to uplifting peers facing similar struggles, underscoring how even the smallest gestures of support and empowerment can trigger transformative change in a child's life.

In 2017, she received the award for the 'Best Startup Female Entrepreneur in Croatia.' She is a US State Department Professional Fellow in Tech, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and an alumna of the leading Silicon Valley Accelerator for women entrepreneurs and the Estonian Media-Tech Accelerator for the future of content. She holds an MA in Finance - Economic and Business International Program from the University of Zagreb and certificates from Harvard University, the United Nations Academy, and Futur.io Institute as a Leader in Sustainable Development and Execution (COP26).

Andreas Wil Gerdes

#AndreasWilGerdes is a thought leader in the digital nomad movement and a key contributor to the telecommunications industry, having parlayed the technology that powers remote work.

He sold his first business at the age of 20. Working out of a garage, he successfully built what would become part of Orange PLC. He was one of the 7 winners of the European Award "Elite of the Future" (Elite der Zukunft), the nominators of which included BMW, Deutsche Bank, and many others.

Andreas has also been prominently featured in the Financial Times publication ‘101 Leaders of the New Economy’. He has inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs – creating a supernova effect through the power of his vision in motion.

But that’s not what he wants to be known for, he prefers another title, #father. His content across social media preaches a new ‘life-centric’ movement that allows parents to spend far more time with their children than the traditional educational system would like to see.

Andreas is one of many parents in the digital nomad community like #LonaAlia, #LizzQuain, and #LilyBruns who are showing a new model for parenting while teleworking from every continent on earth and living a full life with their children.

Advisory circle

John Heinsen

John Heinsen

Producer, Transmedia Producer, Showrunner for Academy Awards, and former Vice President of the Producers Guild of America (PGA)
Marc Buckley

Marc Buckley

Resilient Futurist, Member of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum for Innovation, Climate Change, Agriculture, Food, and Beverages,Global Food Reformist, and Sustainable Futurist, with passions for social innovation, systems thinking, and dynamic modeling to solve our global grand challenges
Kamilah Gray Bains

Kamilah Gray Bains

Kamilah, Facebook's brand lead, launched pivotal products and a major social good initiative, leveraging media for societal benefit, backed by a diverse marketing background, all awhile juggling motherhood and her passions for tennis and interior design.
Ante Pavic

Ante Pavic

Accomplished professional at the nexus of Technology, Banking, and Cybersecurity, Visionary leader devoted to elevating the lives of others.
Nick Bain

Nick Bain

Scottish screenwriter/producer with 15 years in TV and film, is now creating 'The Last Gonzo', an adult animation with Shadowmachine, alongside Oscar winners and nominees Peter Ramsey (Spiderverse) and Jim Uhls.


Lumjana Shehu

Lumjana Shehu

Balkan Project Lead
Passion-driven Youth Empowerment Advocate and Marketing Manager focused on leveraging social media and new tech to drive positive change and reshape our world.
Hannah Dixon

Hannah Dixon

VA Program Training Lead
Founder of Virtual Excellence Academy, renowned Virtual Assistant & Freelance Coach who empowered over 30k+ Virtual Assistants globally, Ft. in Forbes, Biz Insider, Entrepreneur+
Priyanka Modi

Priyanka Modi

Worldschooling Education Lead
Visionary founder of EducationNext.in, an educational platform that aims to revolutionize the way people approach learning. With a deep passion for education, she advocates interest-based learning and embraces alternative methods of learning to empower individuals of all ages.
Enes Petromilo

Enes Petromilo

Virtual Assistance Project Trainer
Enes Petromilo is a vibrant young professional from Tirana, Albania, with a deep-seated passion for blending communication and creativity. His passion has always been engaging in projects that merge these interests, both professionally and personally. As a dynamic communicator and creative thinker, he’s committed to driving positive change and fostering an environment where potential meets opportunity.

Young Ambassadors

Maya & Magnus

Malta / Bulgaria
’We care about the planet and the planet’s pains. We want to understand it. We mean, we trash it. We would love if we would be more kind to the planet, anytime, anywhere.’


A creative soul, very empathetic, sensitive to the destruction of nature and inequality. Always curious and looking for answers, working on creating things that can help people lead better lives.


Southern California
I'd say the most important environmental issue is the role industrialization plays in our air quality. How can we call it "progress" when in the end we are poisoning ourselves and our planet?


Adi loves to travel, meet people and experience different cultures. He loves technology and wants to make a positive difference by helping others.

Green Empowerment Hub - Andes, New York

Green Empowerment Hub in Andes is a beautiful and nurturing location for children to immerse in nature, learn through world schooling, and collaborate with children from diverse communities.

Our Impact

Nobody is too young or too small to start a change in the world.

MaNaBu's first Movement was started by Maya, who, amid the pandemic, invited her peers and neighbors to clean up her favorite park in Croatia from cigarette butts. This wholehearted idea of a 7-year-old girl was followed by local TV and news. Although it seemed rather peculiar to see children cleaning, her honest efforts incentivized more than 22 local actions run by amazing families and children who joined our MaNaBu Movements throughout 2021 to clean up parks, gardens, schoolyards, beaches, and rivers.