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The MANABU Ambassadors of Change is a Global grass-roots network of teens and young adults who create positive change in their communities by facilitating call-to-action campaigns or "movements" to teach their peers and children about the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Ambassadors are provided training and resources via the MANABU network allowing the movements to be turn-key and manageable to execute. These movements led by Ambassadors as official MANABU Movements would provide Middle and High School children opportunities for volunteer service hours required for graduation. They would work in conjunction with their schools, churches, parks, and neighborhoods.

Teens and young adults eager to create positive change in their communities are encouraged to apply. For those under 18, parental consent is needed, and they will have to provide their parent's email addresses in the application.

MANABU Ambassador of Change would facilitate call-to-action campaigns or "movements" to teach their peers and children and create a positive change in their local communities.

Ambassadors would also be responsible for documenting their movements and providing assets for social media campaigns, thus inspiring Ambassadors around the world to replicate their efforts. Ambassadors would also be able to lend support to one another.

Ambassadors of Change would be a notable position for kids to put on their resumes and college applications, not as just a "thing" but something they can talk about in their essays as both a leadership experience and an opportunity to learn about taking action to support and promote SDGs.

When an Ambassador wants to become an Alumni of the network, they are encouraged to find their successor for the program.

Parents would register those under 18 to the program, thus allowing for complete transparency. All movements would also have two deep adult leadership provided by parents and teachers.

MaNaBu Movement foundation has started a program with a five year goal of having at least one (1) MaNaBu Ambassador for Change per 1 million people in each country.

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