January 27, 2024

Call for applications

Want to start working remotely? Join the Youth Virtual Assistant Program in Kosovo and unlock a world of opportunities! ?

? With a foundation built on a robust network of 30,000 Virtual Assistants and hands-on experience with renowned global mentors, our program offers a unique chance for Kosovo’s youth to thrive in the digital era. ?

Are you…

? Curious about remote work?

? Ready to become financially independent?

? Curious to meet new friends and exchange experiences?

? Interested in developing your freelance career, client management, and presentation skills?

? Are you 18 -24 years old and looking for a job?

Our project goal? Empower you with remote working skills, fostering financial independence and building a thriving digital work community in Kosovo.

Ready to be a part of the future? Apply here: LINK

Deadline for application is January 31 st! All you need is proficiency in English and a laptop.

The project is part of the Youth Virtual Assistance Program created by the MaNaBu Movement and Youth Virtual Excellence Academy, will be implemented in cooperation with EARK.