Request for Proposals

February 21, 2024

EOR services for Youth VA Program Kosovo



RfP is Requested By: MaNaBu Movement Inc.: With Address at784 US HIGHWAY 1 STE 24 North PALM BEACH, FL  33408

The MaNaBu Movement Youth VA Program operates under the umbrella of the MaNaBu Movement Inc., a U.S. registered independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth, helping them reach their full potential, and becoming advocates for a kinder, more inclusive, and sustainable future.

The MaNaBu Movement received the Golden Seal of Transparency in 2023 from Guidestar (Candid), a noted recognition that only 1% of all registered non-profit organizations in the USA have been awarded for their commitment to transparency and accountability. The organization’s work is supported and endorsed by renowned institutions and organizations, including the U.S. State Department, World Chicago, Green Tech Alliance, NEXUS Global,, Microsoft, Salesforce, SDG Accelerator, and ICC Croatia (UN Observer mission). The MaNaBu Movement’s Case Study has been showcased at the High-Level Political Forum in the United Nations HQ in NYC, as well as at the leading sustainability conference in Europe, “We Sustain Sustainability,” in 2021, where the focus was on youth empowerment and education, representing our organization’s powerful impact. The organization is supported by a strong Advisory board of world-renowned thought leaders, business people, and mentors, including Marc Buckley, official UN SDG Advisor, Food reformist and futurist, World Economic Forum expert network member, and John Heinsen, American multi-platform producer, former vice president of the PGA New Media For Producers Guild of America, Academy Award showrunner for Television Network and Disney among others.


  Inspired by a 9-year-old girl who, while visiting Tirana in the summer of 2022, learned about BBC headlines stating that Albanian youth illegally enter the UK to join organized crime gangs. The girl got upset and asked, ‘Why don’t we teach them how to make money from their iPhones and iPads so they can stay in Albania?’

MaNaBu Movement listened, engaged in the dialog, and devised a solution jointly with the girl. The MaNaBu Movement Youth Virtual Assistant Program empowers youth with remote working skills, tools, and internationally recognized certifications.    

We aim to enable youth to embrace global remote work opportunities while achieving financial self-sufficiency without leaving their home countries. The program’s foundation is strengthened by a network of 27,000 Virtual Assistants and a circle of mentors with a global track record and reach. At its core, the Youth Virtual Assistant Program is an opportunity to support the youth of Kosovo and the surrounding region with a simple, scalable, and sustainable model.

The Pilot phase of our project will commence with selected two batches, each of 12 jobseekers aged 18+, and last for six months. Throughout this period, students will engage in a comprehensive Youth Virtual Assistant educational program to achieve proficiency in modern IT tools, upskill, and gain valuable knowledge leading to internationally recognized certifications. This process fosters their adaptability to thrive in the global remote work environment.

During the second phase, jobseekers will gain hands-on experience through sessions with renowned international mentors, further honing their skills and expanding their horizons. As an essential part of our program, each student will be honored with a Certification, thus becoming a cherished alumna of Virtual Excellence Academy’s vibrant global community comprising over 27,000 Virtual Assistants. This network continues to support and collaborate, sharing experiences and embarking on projects together.

The objective of the Program

The pilot program aims to assist 24 youths to achieve financial independence while remaining in their home countries. This objective is accomplished by equipping them with remote working skills, tools, and certifications. In addition, with the support of a 27,000 Virtual Assistants Network, individual sessions with Hannah Dixon, and a circle of mentors with a proven global track record and reach.


EOR service for the Program in Kosovo

The objective of the proposal is to hire a company for EOR service (Employer of Record) to hire two experts (Project Manager and Project Assistant) who will work on a 4-month long Youth Virtual Assistant Program in Kosovo (online and on-site) on behalf of the MaNaBu Movement Inc.

The MaNaBu Movement stands for:

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Openness and trust
  • 17 UN SDGs: inclusion, kindness, and sustainability in everything we do

Market participants

  1. Registered global entities offering EOR services for organizations and companies registered in the USA to hire international employees in the markets of Albania and Kosovo
  2. Companies in good standing with previous experience and track record of running similar tasks
  3. Companies who comply with the relevant trading bans under the EU sanctions (and/or their respective financing bans)


  1. Hire international employees, citizens of Albania/Kosovo, to work on a program in Kosovo and handle local payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance
  2. follow the procedure of collecting three offers for each recruitment
  3. prepare and sign local Contracts
  4. operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner (have ISO certification or similar)
  5. accept wire payment in USD for the service provided
  6. be GDPR compliant
  7. being in a position to provide a dedicated Account Manager to run this process
Youth VA Program (EOR service)
EOR (Employer of record)For 4 months, hiring two experts
RecruitmentHiring two experts (Project Manager and Project Assistant), three offers to be collected for each recruitment.
Account ManagerProvide an Account Manager to run this process.
Annual reportsMonitoring and reporting
ContractBe in a position to prepare and sign local, compliant Contracts.


The goals for the EOR service are to:

  • Recruit the best candidates to run the Program, with certificates in the Virtual Assistant Field and previous experience running the Virtual Assistant program and working with the students
  • Make sure the recruited candidates speak Albanian language and are citizens of either Kosovo or Albania
  • Run the process compliantly with the law and tax regulations on the markets of Kosovo and Albania


Four months from signing a Contract


  • Best price-quality ratio (50%)
  • Previous similar works’ portfolio  (30%)
  • Compliance with environmental and social performances (20%)


  • Company profile focused on similar experiences
  • The financial proposal detailed per requested deliverables
  • Confirmation of the payment option – WIRE transfer in US dollars (stated in email or documentation)


The deadline for submitting tenders is March 6, 2024, at 4:00 hours p.m. CET. Offers presented after this time will not be accepted.

All tenders must be submitted by email at The email subject shall be “Tender 0324 EOR services Youth VA Program” and Offer should be addressed to:

MaNaBu Movement Inc.
784 US HIGHWAY 1 STE 24 North PALM BEACH, FL 33408
EIN: 85-3028431

Each Offer successfully sent by email will receive a confirmation email.


Payments will be made in All per the contractual agreement, while the following shall apply.

1st installment: 50% of contract price – upon signing the contract

2nd installment: the remaining amount will be paid within 60 days after signing the contract


Applicants can address their inquiries to Questions will be answered in writing by email within two working days in every case this is possible. The deadline for submitting inquiries is three days before tender closure day.


Applicants cannot apply if they:

  1. Are not registered entities.
  2. Are bankrupt or in the process of filing for bankruptcy
  3. Have been guilty of grave professional misconduct.
  4. Have not fulfilled obligations related to payment of obligatory insurance, social security, and taxes.
  5. Are guilty of serious misinterpretation in supplying information.
  6. They were declared at a severe implementation fault due to a breach of their contractual obligations.
  7. Are on any sanctioned parties issued by the United States Government, United Nations, or European Union.
  8. Companies receiving funding from the Russian Direct Investment Fund or participating in the projects involving RDIF