MaNaBu Movement receives support from dm-drogerie markt

July 12, 2022

MaNaBu Movement has received support from the German retail stores chain dm-drogerie markt
 to implement the “Saving a Planet is a Team Sport” Movement across Croatia.

Along with their favorite sports stars and experts, children and parents will learn
about regenerative agriculture during the summer, the ways to preserve plants and bees, and they
will be planting their plants all over Croatia with the goal of protecting biodiversity.

In cooperation with several cities, neglected locations in the cities will be chosen and permits
obtained to have artists paint nature protection-themed murals in those locations, and our children will plant in flower beds and gardens.

Discover more about the project Saving a Planet is a Team Sport.

MaNaBu Movement’s project was awarded as one of the best 17 project among 300 applicants.
The list of all the finalist can be found HERE.