MaNaBu Movement partner of the leading conference on SDGs in Europe

September 16, 2021

MaNaBu Movement Inc. was a partner at a truly amazing conference titled We Sustain Sustainability_2021 which was held in Šibenik, Croatia and inspired many to re-examine their habits and actions, and start thinking about more ways to do something and create a brighter future for our planet, its wildlife, and our children.

The 1st day of the conference was dedicated to education, children, and youth, as well as to new solutions that lead to a better future – better habits – better world.

The conference opened with a motivational video about the #MaNaBuMovement, followed by Inside Ideas, a Podcast with Marc Buckley ?, who is a MaNaBu Movement advisor, an advocate for SDGs, a member of the World Economic Forum, and an expert that takes a deep dive with thought leaders, innovators, futurists, and those solving Global Grand Challenges.

➡️ Tihana Pavic Smitran, the Executive Director and President of the MaNaBu Movement Inc., helped us understand how Generation Alpha children think and communicate, and what ways and methods we can use to boost curiosity in children, help them embrace problem solving skills, and empower them to unite, collaborate, and make a positive impact today. Through the #MaNaBuMovement, her team encourages children to reach their full potential and together with their families create a kinder and more sustainable future for us all.

➡️ Veljko Armano Linta, a Gaia Education Certified Trainer, a Croatian architect and educator, inspired us with innovative ways to work with children and helped us imagine how the classroom of the future could look like. Through Gaia Education, he is helping Croatian teachers get the support and tools necessary to teach sustainable development in a participatory and transformational way.
➡️ It was so encouraging to listen to Tijmen Keesmaat and watch the achievements of the Green Trust Consultancy and their innovative green technology that puts the planet and its wildlife before profits. Mr. Keesmaat has showed us how citizens can act as catalysts of climate neutrality.

The second day of the conference We Sustain Sustainability_2021 featured an array of thought leaders, visionaries, and experts on sustainable business from across the globe as keynote speakers. ?✨
The opening word was given by HE Diana Helen Madunic, the ambassador of Sweden in Croatia, Tomislav Coric, the minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ognian Zlatev, Head of Representation, European Commission in Croatia, Tomislav Radoš, the Vice President for Industry and Sustainable Development, Šime Erlić State Secretary at Ministry or Regional Development and EU Funds and HE Misako Kaji, the ambassador of Japan in Croatia.

➡️ It was impossible to stay indifferent after the speech held by Nicolas De Santis, we were able to understand our world better for the first time, how things in the world are interconnected and how we can start making better decisions about the future. As Mr De Santis would say, strategy is about managing complexity and reality.   
➡️John D. Heinsen, a digital media executive, board advisor, and multi-platform producer allowed us to dive deep into the world of new media technologies, interactive content, and Hollywood history, and showed us how storytelling about advanced content can be used to communicate issues related to sustainability.

He emphasized the importance of inspiring real change that comes from reaching the youngest children. As John said, most of us remember the movie ET. On a deeper level, Spielberg was not teaching kids about extra-terrestrials, but rather he was showing us that it is ok to accept people who are different. If we think of Greta Thunbergs and Malala Yousafzais of the world we can see that real people, young people, are making real change and inspiring people of all ages. We need more Spielbergs, and we need to inspire our youngest people so that they can make a difference in the world. ?‍♀️

➡️ Paul Polman pointed out that even before the pandemic, it was clear that the system was not working and that we had failed to tackle two key issues – climate crisis and inequality. As Mr Polman said in his speech “smart businesses strive to leave the world in a better place than they found it.”
➡️ Jakob Trollbäck showed us the way to visually and through simple communication refine the meaning of the 17 sustainable development goals.
➡️The speeches were followed by inspiring presentations held by Sasja BeslikOlivera MedugoracKristina Posilovic, PhD, Tomislav Kraljević, Aldo Lele, and Tatjana Rajkovic, and by the encouraging closing discussion on leadership for good governance, as the ultimate challenge to achieving SDGs, with Ingeborg Niestroy and Louis Meuleman.