Lights, Camera, Empowerment: The FMP Youth Program Takes Off in Bansko

January 29, 2024

Bansko has just witnessed the exciting launch of the Film Mentoring Project (FMP) Youth Program, a creative venture that brought together young minds with the ambition to master the art of film. Hosted at the scenic Nestwork Coworking space on the 28th of January, the event was a vibrant hub of ideas and innovation.

The workshop, spearheaded by Lara Olbeter and supported by the global reach of the MaNaBu Movement, was not just about learning the ropes of filming, editing, and production. It was a leap towards global connectivity, where every participant was introduced to the power of IT skills in the expansive world of digital work.

LEICA’s involvement added a flair of professional excellence, equipping the teens with tools to shape their stories visually. The promise of MNBM Certifications opened doors to credibility and international work assignments, marking the beginning of a journey from the classrooms of Bansko to the global digital workspace.

The atmosphere was electric with the energy of eager learners from diverse backgrounds, including Australian, Bulgarian, and German participants. The spirit of #knowledgesharing and #collaboration was palpable, setting the stage for a #positiveeffect that the MaNaBu Movement envisions to #compound over time.

Daniela Slavova, along with the entire team, extended a warm invitation to this educational feast, and the response was nothing short of inspiring. As the day unfolded, the young attendees were seen diving into the depths of their creativity, supported by mentors who believe in the transformative power of film.

This initiative is a testament to the MaNaBu Movement’s commitment to creating a lifecentric world where young people are empowered to work remotely as #digitalnomads. The FMP Youth Program is not just about creating films—it’s about crafting futures, one frame at a time.