Saving a Planet is a Team Sport

Collaborating with sports stars to preserve our diversity

September 2022 – January 2023
Samobor, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
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Along with their favourite sports stars and experts, children and MaNaBu will learn about regenerative agriculture during the summer, the ways to preserve plants and bees, and they will be planting their own plants all over Croatia, with the goal of conserving biodiversity. This small but important act will encourage many people to follow them. In cooperation with the cities, they will choose neglected locations in the cities and obtain permits to have artists paint nature protection-themed murals in those locations, and our children will plant flower beds or gardens together with the sport stars and experts. The goal is to make the environment we live in more beautiful, contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, and use positive messages to spread public awareness about the importance of environmental protection.

We will make short videos which will be distributed to the media, and those videos will make it possible for other children, those who were unable to join, to do the same with their parents in their homes or neighbourhoods. This project is the beginning of the larger “MaNaBu Community Gardens” project, which is designed to fight climate change by greening public spaces in large cities. We are creating fun green centres (MaNaBu Green Hubs) for children and parents, with the goal of better sustainable living and mental health.

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