Safe Nature Time for ALL Ages

Waste dumping, maintenance and nature experience

Throughout 2023/2024
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#VictorFenech (VF) decided to prioritize nature in and around his hometown, Marsaxlokk, to enable Safe Nature Time/ Experiences for ALL Ages by, e.g., walking, cycling, running, driving, at low speed, respecting the young and elderly in the area.

VF engages with the local kids to learn, act, and stand up - keeping their outdoor areas in great shape.

VF's Nature focus addresses
*Waste Dumping e.g. removal, education, enforcement
*Maintenance, e.g., pruning, planting
*Monitoring, e.g., illegal usage/ off-roading,
safe trails
*Nature Experience, e.g., signage for cycling, walking and playing.

#MaNaBuMovement supports VF.

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