On the Trail of St. Nicholas

A Nature Hike for Mental Health

October 2023
Šibenik, Croatia

The MaNaBu Movement’s “Nature Hike for Mental Health” aims to promote resilience and well-being in children. The Tour is designed to bring joy and adventure to children's hearts and peace and mindfulness by spending time in nature.

On Tour, children meet actors who tell mystical stories of the Sibenik archipelago’s history on Tour. An exciting boat tour takes them to the island of St. Nicholas, where the hike around the wonderousisland’s nature begins. Our time closes with a large drum circle to celebrate the life and the healing power of Mother Earth with music and songs. The drum circle at the end of our journey will bring children closer together, and united, we will share the so needed message of PEACE and LOVE with children around the world.

The Healing Power of Nature

Nature has so many positive effects on our well-being. In this rapidly an urbanizing world full of stress and unforeseen challenges, being exposed to nature can help us heal emotionally and feel pleasant, and decreases our stress levels. Peace comes with open outdoor spaces and helps us renew our spirit. 2022 study published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction has determined that nature therapy is an effective short-term treatment for mental health conditions, most notably anxiety.


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