Virtual Assistance Program in Albania

Empowering youth with modern IT skills to create remote work opportunities

Started in March 2023

#MayaGerdes (9-year-old), while visiting Tirana in the summer of 2022, learned about BBC headlines stating that Albanian youth illegally enters the UK to join organized crime gangs. Maya got upset and asked, ‘Why don’t we teach them how to make money from their iPhones and iPads so they can stay in Albania?’

MaNaBu Movement listened, engaged in the dialog, and, jointly with Maya, came up with a solution - the Youth VA Program powered by DNK.



The mission is to empower teenagers with remote work skills, including Virtual Assistant certifications, by providing them with opportunities to find remote work assignments and work globally. It is an opportunity for young people in Albania to learn about and develop modern IT skills while being supported in their transition from school to working life.

This project aims to bring hope and new possibilities to Albanian youth, seeking to prevent the vilification of Albanian immigrants and the exponential rise of those who flee to developed countries and embark on a dangerous journey in search of a better life.

We thank TUMO Tirana and Hannah Dixon for their immense support in making this project a reality. It is an exciting opportunity for young people in Albania to learn, develop and thrive.

Join us in supporting this project and helping us create a brighter future for the youth of Albania!

Discover more news about the MaNaBu Movement Virtual Assistant program in Albania on Linkedin HERE and Instagram MaNaBu Movement HERE, and Instagram VA Program MaNaBu Movement HERE.

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