MaNaBu Awesome Project

Tour 2# Animal Farm & Real Village Life 

April 23, 2022

A small, innovative eco-farm has welcomed our children on the 2nd MaNaBu Awesome Tour supported by the U.S. Department of State and WorldChicago. Children discovered a way of life on a rural organic animal farm and had an opportunity to learn what skills are needed to live an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

They saw many domestic animals and migratory birds in their natural rural environment and explored how farmers work in a stall. While driving on a tractor through the village, they learned to recognize arable land and crops. 

Our Tour continued in the forest, where we explored the marked tree species and had a lecture on what each tree is used for, what kind of fruit it has, and how they differ. Children had the opportunity to learn to orient themselves in the forest using moss. Then we returned to the main house for a homemade organic meal, drinks, and afternoon play in the fresh air. We ended our Tour with a visit to the ethno room, saw a demonstration of working on the loom, and learned how our ancestors produced linen. 

Discover more about the MaNaBu Awesome project HERE.


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